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What is Idaho Gun Talk?

Simply put, it is a forum for shooters, by shooters. This is about the matches that we shoot, the locals that shoot them, and the how and where we do it.

This forum may be for you if you:

  • Are tired of going out in the desert and would like to learn about shooting in an organized match
  • Want to do more than shoot cans and bottles by yourself
  • Ever thought about shooting 1000 yards or farther
  • You bought a Glock five years ago, and now want to figure out where to go shoot it
  • You want to know what games use an AR-15
  • You want to know where all the competitions are in the valley for pistol, rifle, 3 gun and steel shooting.
  • Above all else this site is for shooting friends to share ideas...


We have created a community that will combine the best of competitive shooting sports, from precision rifle, 3 Gun, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, and more. 

See you at the Range!

For Shooters, By Shooters!


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